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 Modera 1 Series

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MODERA WORKSTATION are design to fulfil modern office needs which prioritize for open-space office

without reducing invidual privacy.

Which is module and flexibility of the system, the Smart Connector create MODERA WORKSTATION easily to

assemble and dismantle according to the office latest need or moved to new place effectively.

In addition, our design team create a cutting-edge partition system which uses the Flip-Up Technology to

increase work efficiency and comfort.

MODERA workstationare offering various configuration with differences module such as full Workstation, Half

Transparent Workstation, Full Transparent Workstation.

Beside of Fabric Workstation, we are offering Laminate Wood Panel also.

PARTISI MODERA terdiri dari Series : 1 Series, 3 Series, 5 Series, 6 Series


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